Falling Plaster


Falling Plaster is an adult mystery by author Laura Jenski. Paperback, 6×9-inch, glossy cover. English.

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Some murders are best left buried.

Monica Klimek doesn’t believe her mother’s car crash was an accident. Or suicide. Her brother would think so, too, if only she could find him. He left an indelible bruise on her heart when he walked out of her life twenty-seven years earlier.

An old friend of Monica’s, now a Chicago cop, offers to help find her brother and investigate the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. In exchange, she applies her computer expertise to his clandestine police corruption probe. When Monica uncovers evidence pointing to the identity of a cold case serial murderer, she puts her life at risk and jeopardizes the safety of those around her.

Fiction Genre: Adult mystery

Print Book Type: Black and white interior on crème, 250 printed pages, 6 x 9 in (229 x 152 mm) perfect bound with glossy cover

Publisher: Snowbound Stories, LLC

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