Cooked Goose: A Motorhome Murder Mystery (#1)


A corpse in a barbecue grill. A black bear on their RV roof. Wendy and Franklin’s cross-country trip has taken a deadly detour.

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Family is everything. Unless they kill you.

Franklin and Wendy Becker’s motorhome trip across the country skids off course when they discover Charlie Gosling’s body in a campground. Charlie’s dysfunctional family offers no shortage of suspects: the man’s ex-wife, two disgruntled brothers-in-law, a ditzy sister-in-law, and more. When the county sheriff leaves for an emergency and the Elk Rump, Idaho, townspeople fail to help, the Beckers speed ahead with their investigation. But someone is trying to stop them dead in their tire-tracks.

Cooked Goose is the first quirky installment in the Motorhome Murder Mysteries. This series follows bumbling, big-hearted Franklin Becker and his acerbic, technology-loving wife Wendy through a chain of campground capers. Join this mismatched couple as they stumble into and out of homicides throughout the country and face life’s perplexing questions. Will Franklin find a new occupation as fulfilling as his successful Puss and Pooch Pamper Parlors? When will Wendy quit the corporate quagmire and pursue her own dreams? What piece of Grizelda, their old motorhome, will fall off next?