Book club offers for “Eighteenth and Western”

Choose "Eighteenth and Western" for your book club and receive:

Discounts and complimentary review copy.

Adopt Eighteenth and Western for your book club and receive a 40% discount on bulk purchases of either paperbacks or ebooks. A complimentary digital version of the first 10 chapters will be provided as an advance review copy. (Shipping costs may apply to paperback copies.)

An interview with the author at no cost.

Chat with the author via Zoom or in person if in the Boise, ID, area.

Comments from the author on the discussion questions below.

  1. Why do you think the author chose to start with the first paragraph she did? Were you hooked?
  2. What did you feel was the main theme, and were there other recurring themes throughout the book?
  3. Did you have empathy for the three main characters, Jean, Dani, and Anna? Any one in particular? To which character were you most indifferent (or dislike the most)?
  4. Did you find the characters and plot points realistic?
  5. How does the setting, including the three time periods, contribute to the story?
  6. Were you satisfied by the book’s ending?
  7. If you were to write a sequel or prequel, whose story would you elaborate on?
  8. Who would you cast as Jean, Dani, and Anna in a film or TV adaptation of this book? Are there casting choices you’d make for secondary characters?