Books from Snowbound Stories

Books from Snowbound Stories

Some murders are best left buried

Her mother’s death is suspicious. Her brother is missing. When a computer expert hunts for answers, she finds herself embroiled in a thirty-year-old serial murder case that threatens her future and her life.

Cooked Goose book cover
Family is everything. Unless they kill you

Franklin and Wendy Becker’s motorhome trip across the country skids off course when they discover Charlie Gosling’s body in a campground. Charlie’s dysfunctional family offers no shortage of suspects: the man’s ex-wife, two disgruntled brothers-in-law, a ditzy sister-in-law, and more. When the county sheriff leaves for an emergency and the Elk Rump, Idaho, townspeople fail to help, the Beckers speed ahead with their investigation. But someone is trying to stop them dead in their tire-tracks.

An RV trip that's out of this world!

In a remote camp outside Roswell, New Mexico, bumbling, big-hearted Franklin Becker sets out alone at midnight to find an alien spacecraft. When he comes up missing, and his ufologist friend is found dead, Franklin’s wife, Wendy, battles other UFO-seeking campers to save her husband. At least the spaceman is friendly—at first.

cover of Anger Management
You have to be mad to be this crazy!

Camping in the Colorado Rockies, Franklin and Wendy Becker find the poisoned body of a local birder. When a bedeviled park ranger is arrested, Franklin tries to help her by performing an exorcism. After that, it all goes to hell.

You are what you eat

Wendy Becker believes the Black Hills Outdoor Club’s healthy diet and exercise will help her husband, Franklin, focus on a new career. More importantly, she wants to fit into her now-too-tight jeans. As guests, Wendy and Franklin embark on a club backpacking trip, but when another guest is murdered, club members are concerned only about their upcoming dinner. Soon, the Beckers find themselves up to their bootlaces in trouble.