About Laura

I’m Laura Jenski, and I write mysteries, suspense, and humor. Before I entered the world of fiction writing I wrote non-fiction (scientific research articles, book chapters, research grant proposals) as a university professor. I earned my PhD in oncology from the University of Wisconsin, and completed postdoctoral training in immunology. My research focused on immunity to cancer, specifically, how omega-3 fatty acids in cellular membranes affect the immune system’s ability to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. For reasons that are mysteries unto themselves I chose to enter university administration (“the dark side”) and served as a university vice-president for nine years.

My husband and I now live with our spoiled pets in Boise, Idaho, where we enjoy winter snow in the mountains and many days of 100+ degree heat in the summer. It’s a dry heat.

Snowbound Stories, LLC is organized in the State of Idaho